First Guard™ Immune Booster

FIRST GAURD™ IMMUNE BOOSTER is a potent liquid nutritional food supplement for maximum absorption and bioavailability for essential immune care of the susceptible young and mature population. An easy to use pump dispenser overcomes hard to swallow tablets and capsules. No measuring required easy liquid dispenser.

  • Rapid absorption and bioavailability due to the advanced formulation
  • Contains the essential clinically proven nutritional supplements
  • Easy to use dispenser
  • No discomfort as seen with many capsules and tablets
  • Highly bioavailable Copper and Zinc due to a unique chelation process.
  • A liquid carrier for optimum absorption

SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Press once time to dispense ONE squirt of First Guard™ Immune Booster liquid directly under the tongue. Preferable to be taken with food. Do not exceed recommended dosage.