People and Labour

Ashkan places priority of lives over all else. This is in keeping with Ashkan’s core identity which is ‘Better for Life’. In all operations at Ashkan, it is of paramount importance, that, what is produced is of the highest quality, thus enriching the lives of everyone. Furthermore, what is produced will never be possible without the dedicated and committed team and compliance with all laws and regulations.

  1. Child Labour

    Ashkan does not support child labour and abides by the Prohibition of Employment of Children and Forced Labor Act (Sections 43-48) which states that it is a criminal offence to require or permit a child under the age of 15 years to work. Children between the ages of 15 and 18 may not be required or permitted to perform work or provide services that are inappropriate for their age or that place them at risk. 

  2. Forced Labour

    Causing, demanding or requiring forced labour is a criminal offence. No form of slavery, or forced labour is tolerated.

  3. Value System

    Ashkan believes, not merely in providing the basic conditions of employment, but far exceed their responsibility toward their employees. Hence, awareness is created of a strong value system that embodies Innovation, Morality, Partnership, Respect, Ownership, Versatilty/ Vitality and Excellence. Ashkan has the firm belief that such a value system may be filtered to the families of Ashkan employees and into the wider community, thereby creating a better South Africa and a better world. ‘Better for life’ does not apply only to the products manufactured, but this is extended to the human aspect, without which greatness would not be possible. As global and moral citizens, employees are motivated to aspire to contribute towards society in a meaningful, ethical and responsible way through their roles as members of local and national communities.

  4. Employee Benefits

    It is expected that business partners adhere to applicable wage laws as laid down by their respective governmental bodies. Ashkan abides by the Labour Relations Act No.66 of 1997. Communication to employees is necessary, indicating their rate of pay, whether overtime is required and if it is paid overtime. Such compensation must be timeously paid to employees and aims at providing the employees and their families with an adequate standard of living. Ashkan also engages in the provision of appropriate and adequate training to employees to perform their duties according to the quality standards adopted. Educational opportunities are awarded, where possible.

  5. Inclusion and Diversity

    Ashkan fosters the idea of inclusivity and diversity by attempting to eradicate conscious or unconscious bias. Ashkan does not subject their employees to discrimination in any manner. This is irrelevant of age, gender, disability, ethnicity, nationality, physical characteristics, religion or sexual orientation. Participation and contribution of all employees is encouraged and embraced at the workplace.

  6. Employee Terms & Conditions

    Ashkan provides employees with a contract of employment that stipulates all working conditions and remuneration. Such contracts are discussed with employees, outlining the terms and conditions of employment prior to commencement of employment. An employee may not be unfairly dismissed. Employees may freely conclude their contracts with Ashkan subject to the required notice period. Exiting employees are paid in full for the work done.

  7. Privacy and Employee Data Protection

    Ashkan respects employees personal information. Personal information and staff photographs are only used or shared with the prior permission from employees for business related purposes only.

  8. Community

    Ashkan takes a keen interest in the local and greater communities. The local community is supported by various charities undertaken by Ashkan. The Ashkan culture extends to the children of current and ex-employees in creating sustainable means for a sound education. Job creation from local communities and the promotion and upliftment of current employees is of paramount importance.

Health and Safety



Environmental Considerations

Ashkan ensures that pollution, emissions or waste-water into the environment are minimal. Waste is disposed of in a responsible manner by enlisting approved companies to carry out such disposal.

Environmental Sustainability

Ashkan endeavours to use natural resources in an economical manner. Recycling is encouraged. Packaging materials, including pallets, subscribe to global specifications.



Fair Competition

Ashkan commits to behaving fairly in a competitive business market. Business is based on competitive practices with consideration of quality, customer service and price.

Exports and Imports

Ashkan complies with all export and import regulations. Information disclosed related to product and shipments is accurate and truthful. Business partners are expected to comply with the same.

Identification of Concerns

Ashkan’s employees are encouraged to report any concerns or potentially unlawful activities that go against the grain of Ashkan’s value culture. They shall be provided with a platform to voice such concerns without any fear of reprisal, intimidation, alienation or harassment. Employees shall be protected from any retaliation. Should such behaviour affect business operations or business partner relations, this may be reported via the email address provided below.

Business Integrity

Ashkan does not entertain any form of bribery to influence business decisions, nor is corruption tolerated. Any form of gifting from business partners is discouraged as it may influence or appear to have an influence in the employees decision with the business partner.

Business Records

Ashkan maintains accurate financial records and other documentation that reflect true and correct information pertaining to the business. All records are legible and easily retrievable for auditing purposes. Financial records subscribe to the basic accounting principles. All financial records are subject to annual audits.

Marketing and Promotional Materials

Ashkan obtains approval for all marketing and promotional materials via the necessary regulatory bodies prior to being made public. Advertising shall also comply with relevant industry standards. We trust that business partners will not misrepresent Ashkan Consulting (Pty) Ltd, nor its products and services offered.

Intellectual Property

Any intellectual property shared between business partners shall not be disclosed in any form to outside parties without prior written consent. This is to prevent any misuse, modification or alteration of shared materials, inclusive of personal information. No information shared by Ashkan may be used by any business partner for advertisements unless prior written permission is granted by Ashkan. Non-Disclosure Agreements are in place.

Conflict of Interest

Ashkan shall disclose conflict or possible conflict of interest to its business partners. Ashkan’s employees shall not receive any form of payment from business partners to influence business decisions. Business partners are also expected to notify Ashkan of any conflict or possible conflict of interest.

People and Animal Welfare

Ashkan complies with the Animal Protection Act 72 of 1962. All trials are conducted, together with business partners, in line with approved protocols. Ashkan provides the appropriate guidance for any trials so that maximum nutritional benefit is derived by the animals.


Ashkan complies with global quality standards and promises to always uphold these standards. We seek to provide products of the highest quality, without compromise. Products are safe for their intended use. Business partners are expected to apply recognized quality standards that meet or exceed expectations.

  • Documentation

    Ashkan maintains the necessary documentation to demonstrate their compliance with quality standards.

  • Risk

    Ashkan monitors risks and applies mitigation and corrective measures to counter such risks.

  • Supplier Management

    A suitable supplier management process is in place to monitor supplier conformity to standards and regulations.
  • Continuous Improvement

    Ashkan aims for continuous improvements in all aspects of business thus ensuring the best products and services. We are subject to annual internal and external audits by government and accredited bodies.

  • Training

    Both internal and external training is of paramount importance to Ashkan. An extensive training program is in place and suitably qualified personnel conduct such training. Employees are therefore equipped with the necessary skills to ensure that every aspect of every task is done diligently.

Corporate Governance

The purpose of corporate governance is to help build an environment of trust, transparency and accountability necessary for fostering long-term investment, financial stability and business integrity.

Business Continuity

Ashkan has a business continuity plan in place to ensure continuation of essential functions during and after a disaster has occurred. Business continuity planning establishes risk management processes and procedures that aim to prevent interruptions to mission-critical services and re-establish full function to the organization as quickly and as smoothly as possible. This is addressed via a disaster management plan and IT back-up.


Ashkan shall keep its business partners informed of any change that may affect their business operations or expectations. Ashkan’s way of work has been explicitly outlined. There is the expectation that all Ashkan’s business partners work practices are in line with Ashkan’s business code of conduct. Partners are expected to protect the people and environment within which they operate and abide by all national laws that govern their business.